What size wire is more suitable for home improvement


1. What size wire is suitable for home improvement now? […]

1. What size wire is suitable for home improvement now?
  Look at electrical appliances. Generally it is 2.5. The air conditioner is 4 square. 1.5 can be used for lighting. All high power uses 4-party insurance.
   2. Is the aluminum core wire suitable for home decoration?
   At present, copper core wires are generally used for decoration, 2.5 or 4 square meters are used for lighting, and 6 square meters are used for kitchens, bathrooms, and air conditioners. Generally no one uses aluminum wires! For safety, please use copper core wires. Copper core wires are generally used
   3. Single-strand wire and multi-strand wire which is better in home improvement
   Many strands are good. Because of the skin effect of current, the current carrying capacity of a multi-core cable and wire with the same diameter is larger than a single-core cable.
4. What specifications are used for wires in home improvement
  The household power cord adopts RVV2*2.5 and RVV2*1.5 type wires. Because RVV is a national standard model, it is copper sheathed wire RVV2*2.5 and RVV2*1.5, which represent 2-core 2.5 square millimeters and 2-core 1.5 square millimeters respectively. In general, RVV2*2.5 is used as the main line and trunk line, and RVV2*1.5 is used as a single electrical branch line and switch line. One-way air-conditioning dedicated line uses RVV2*4, and a dedicated ground wire is also provided. Generally, it is BV cable, lamp cable is generally 1.5, socket cable is generally 2.5, and air conditioning cable is generally 4, and most of them use this specification. A good copper wire must be used. For safety reasons, use 4 square millimeters. For water heaters, use 16 square millimeters. General copper wires are used. Depending on the electrical appliances used, the area should be 1.5 or 2.5, 4.0 square. Select the size of the wire according to the power of the electrical appliance. There are 1.5, 2.5, 4.0, 6.0 and other wire diameters.
   5. How big is the home improvement wire?
   Generally used in sockets are single-core 2.5 square wires, single-core 4 square wires for air conditioners with more than 3 hp, single-core 6 square wires for the main inlet, and two-color wires for the grounding wire.
   Three coils of different colors form a set (for neutral wire, live wire, and ground wire). The single-core 1.5 square wire used for lighting fixtures is a set of two coils of different colors (for neutral wire, live wire).