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Haiyan Yoli Electronics Co., Ltd is a famous

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, our factory was established in 2010 and is located in Dianzhuang Community, Yuantong Street, Haiyan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China. It is a limited liability company mainly engaged in communication cable, video cable, audio cable, computer cable and security cable. At present, the main production products are: boundary cable(With patent) , speaker cable, telephone cable, microphone cable, alarm cable and other kinds of wires and cables, but also engaged in …
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    We have our own factory, factory direct sales, good quality and low price.

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    We have our own testing lab and the advanced and complete inspection equipment,which can ensure the quality of the cables and wires.

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    Our credibility can be trusted to provide you with satisfactory services.

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    The main product lawn mower line has been patented, and the only supplier that applies for patents, familiar with the European market.

Haiyan Yoli Electronics Co., Ltd

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