What is the function and necessity of cable sheath?


Choosing cost-effective cable and wire products is the […]

Choosing cost-effective cable and wire products is the psychological need of every customer. Therefore, when dealing with various types of cables, we have been cautious. Because only the selection of solid quality cables can ensure more safety in application.
Cable sheath
The tear-resistant mask and high temperature resistance level of cables in different places are different. High-quality cable sheaths must have excellent physical and physical properties, such as compressive strength, bending resistance, vibration resistance, torsion resistance, etc. , To integrate into this different application natural environment; no matter how harsh the environment, the cable can be used in all normal and reliable operation under the maintenance of the cable sheath; therefore, you can only master the purchase requirements of customers. Can be considered as much as possible.
   1. What is the function of the cable sheath?
   Maintain the inner protective layer from damage to mechanical equipment and chemical corrosion, avoid contact with water vapor to return moisture, avoid contact with electrical conductors and electric shock accidents, etc., which can improve impact toughness and increase service life.
Insulated cable
   2. Why does the cable sheath threaten the quality of the cable?
  In fact, the cable sheath is a safety precaution for the inner sheath, so that the cable sheath is not easy to touch with water, gas or other objects, so as to prevent the insulation layer from regaining moisture and the cable sheath from unsafe behavior. If the cable sheath is damaged and the inner electric conductor is exposed, not only the cable is very easy to be oxidized by the air, but there is also a risk of electric shock if you accidentally encounter the copper electric conductor.