What is an RCA cable?


Initially, RCA cables were used to transmit signals bet […]

Initially, RCA cables were used to transmit signals between the phonograph and the amplifier. Nowadays, they have been greatly improved and can connect AV signals of different entertainment systems at home.
RCA cables are provided with almost all AV equipment. The central contact of the cable connector is surrounded by the ground contact. This design protects the signal (center) contact from electromagnetic interference, so it is called a coaxial cable. RCA cables are very common and can connect audio and video components of completely different quality.
RCA cables provide two fundamentally different connections-composite cables and component cables.
The composite connection uses an RCA cable to simultaneously mix color and brightness to transmit images. The other two RCA cables are usually used to transmit analog stereo signals (left and right channels).
The components are connected to transmit video through three cables, dividing the colors into two groups and separating the brightness. This method can significantly improve the picture, but up to three wires can be added.