What is a subwoofer cable?


Most subwoofers use RCA plugs for connection, and all o […]

Most subwoofers use RCA plugs for connection, and all of them can transmit signals. However, some manufacturers add some advanced functions to RCA cables and call them "subwoofers." So what is a subwoofer cable? Compared with ordinary RCA cables, this is a more complicated product. It requires the use of different types of wires, which means more innovation is needed in the materials of conductors and dielectric coatings.
The subwoofer cable is used to connect the audio amplifier to the speakers to produce low-frequency sound (up to 100Hz). The connection itself may require several wires or an RCA cable: it depends on the specific system and its function.
When it comes to RCA subwoofer cables, in most cases, this is a higher quality ordinary RCA cable, which means that the material is more suitable. Note: 60Hz is the usual level of household electricity, and it usually produces an unpleasant hum in the speaker system. There may be two reasons:
Some other equipment or wiring will induce in the speaker cable,
The ground loop allows 60 Hz hum to propagate on the coaxial cable shield.
The frequency range of the subwoofer will greatly affect the hum. Therefore, if the RCA cable connected to the subwoofer is equipped with additional shielding, the hum caused by induction can be reduced. However, it does not apply to ground loops. In this case, it is recommended to use an AC input isolation transformer. It should be helpful.