The similarities and differences between video cable and RF cable


[Same point] 1. The characteristic impedance is the sam […]

[Same point]
1. The characteristic impedance is the same-75 ohms;
2. The outer sheath, shielding layer structure, insulating layer outer diameter, number selection, material selection, shielding layer number, etc. are basically the same;

1. Different physical properties of the insulating layer
2. The core wire diameter is different
3. The above two fundamental differences determine the transmission characteristics of the two cables-different transmission attenuation
4. The obvious characteristics of high braided cables are: low DC resistance of the shielding layer and reduced low-frequency attenuation below 200KHz, which is beneficial to suppress low-frequency interference. From the perspective of frequency distortion (high and low frequency attenuation differences), high braided cables are on the contrary serious. The direct influence of frequency distortion is the normal proportional distortion of the various frequency components of the video signal, which directly affects the image distortion
5. Copper-clad steel core wire: This is a type of SYWV cable, used for cable TV radio frequency transmission above 46MHz, 0-200KHz low frequency attenuation is too large.