The same square, what is the difference between a soft wire and a hard wire?


1. Hard wire and soft wire   The core of the hard wire […]

1. Hard wire and soft wire
  The core of the hard wire is relatively thick, the general type is BV, which is relatively resistant to short-circuit current and easy to form, but it is difficult to wear the tube, especially the cable of 2.5 square meters or more.
  The flexible cord is composed of cable and wire, the general type is BVR, which is relatively soft, not very resistant to short-circuit current, and difficult to maintain a fixed shape. It is easier to pass through the tube, but the cost is relatively high.
 Second, hard conductor wire
  A single copper wire is hard, and it is generally used for fixed laying occasions (such as pipe line)
  The current contact area is small, easy to generate heat when the load is heavy
  In terms of line connectors, equipment wiring, etc.
  The price is cheap
3. Flexible conductor wires
  Multi-strand copper wire is soft and not easy to break the core. It is suitable for the occasions where the wires follow the movement, and the occasions where multiple wires are laid together, which is convenient for wire laying and wire harness forming
  Large contact area, fast heat dissipation and relatively durable.
  The wiring is difficult
  The price is more expensive
 Four, the use of soft and hard wires
  Use multi-strand flexible cords for domestic wire ducts, and single-strand wires for outdoor or construction sites that do not enter the duct.
  The soft core has advantages in heat dissipation, conductivity and tensile strength. It is easy to break the skin when the hard core wire is used to pass through the tube, and the point and point are touched when the wire is combined.
  The hard wire has better oxidation resistance and has a long use time; however, during construction, if the circuit turns too much, multiple strands (soft wires) are better to wear.
  The load on the same square wire of single wire and stranded wire is never the same. Hard wire, except 1 square, 1.5 square is used, more than 2.5 square is inconvenient to install the line, the larger the single strand, the harder it will be, it is easy to pull the core and sheath, and the construction is more laborious. The construction of the flexible cord is simple, saving time and effort.