Lotus head audio cable


Lotus head audio cable is a kind of audio cable. The lo […]

Lotus head audio cable is a kind of audio cable. The lotus interface RCA head, commonly known as lotus cable, is suitable for connecting vcd, dvd, television, cassette player, cd, etc. and speakers, amplifiers, mixers and transmitting their audio signals. It is widely used in recording studios, stage speakers, Video and audio system.
Product style
A type of audio and video cable, the connection head is more like a lotus, so it is called "lotus head" or "lotus plug" (English name is RCA connector).
The RCA connector is not specifically designed for which interface, but can be used to transmit audio and ordinary video signals. It is also a DVD component (YCrCb or YPbPr) plug, but the number is three.
Product meaning
RCA is an acronym for Radio Corporation of American, because the RCA connector was invented by this company.
RCA is also called AV terminal, also called AV interface. Almost all TVs and DVD players have this interface. RCA connector is the most common type of audio/video terminal. This kind of two-wire connection terminal was invented by RCA recording company as early as the time when the radio appeared.