What is the difference between an audio cable and a speaker cable?

Update:Aug 18,2022
Summary:1. Definition Audio cables are generally used for Line In and Line Out. They pass signals with low current and low power, and have high impedance and ...
1. Definition
Audio cables are generally used for Line In and Line Out. They pass signals with low current and low power, and have high impedance and are easily interfered. Therefore, they are generally shielded lines, but the lines are generally thinner.
Speaker wire is also called speaker wire, and is also called "gold and silver wire" in the industry. It is the line used to connect the speaker at the final stage of the power amplifier, and it directly passes the power signal. And because the current is large, the wire is usually very thick. For this kind of wire, the key is to reduce its resistance, so there is often no shielding layer.
2. Model Specifications
There are many types and specifications of audio cables. According to the number of core wires, there are single-core, double-core and multi-core wires; according to the thickness of the wire, there are 0.1, 0.15, 0.3 square millimeters and other specifications; according to the density of the shielding layer , there are 96 nets, 112 nets, 128 nets, etc.
The audio cable is divided into 100 cores, 200 cores, 300 cores and other different specifications. The core refers to the number of copper cores corresponding to a single audio cable. Generally, the more cores, the better the effect.
The speaker cable is two-core, for example, the 100-core speaker cable is divided into two cases.
The first is: single core 100 cores, then double core is 100*2.
The second is: double core 100 cores, single core 50 cores, ie 50*2.
3. Structure
Audio cables can be divided into audio electrical signal cables and audio optical signal cables. Audio cables are commonly used in the market, and audio cables generally have connectors, such as XLR heads, lotus heads, banana heads, etc.
The speaker wire is composed of the corresponding number of copper cores, and is also divided into ± grades. The two-strand copper core is generally the positive electrode of the refined copper core, and the negative electrode of the tinned copper core. If the color of the double skin is red, it is a brass-colored refined copper core, and there will be a red line on the positive side as a mark. The speaker cable generally does not have a connector, and it is necessary to clip or crimp the cable between the amplifier connector and the speaker connector.
4. Application scenarios
The audio cable can be used to connect the device with the music output signal of mobile phone, CD player, MP3 to the power amplifier.
Speaker cables are mainly used for various types of speakers, PA engineering, home theater connections, and public space broadcasting systems.
Find out the specifications and models of the required wire connectors for the audio cable. If the copper core wire you see has a unique light and is intentionally bent at the same time, it is good to feel soft and docile, otherwise it is not good if the color is dim and the bending is flexible. goods.