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  • How to align the boundary wire?


    installation After the charging base is fixed, you can lower the boundary wire. Connect one end of the border wire to the charging station Use a pair of scissors to strip the end of the wire Then inse...

  • How to connect the boundary wire to the fence transmitter?


    1. Connect the boundary wire to the fence transmitter through the window, under the door, through the crawl space vent or any other suitable available channel. You can also carefully drill a hole in t...

  • How to replace and adjust the throttle cable on the lawn mower?


    If the mower's engine idling speed is too high or running too fast, it may be a throttle problem. Before taking the lawn mower to the repair shop, please consider the following tips. Adjustment and re...

  • How to replace a lawn mower cable?


    Since June of 1982, lawn mower cable safety regulations require all walk-behind mowers sold in the United States to have a handle-mounted blade brake. This safety feature is sometimes referred to as a...

  • 17-22 July 2019 Vietnam Electric Power Show


    In July 2019, our company participated in the power exhibition in Vietnam.