Microphone cable specifications and daily maintenance

Update:Jun 16,2022
Summary:In our current life, people's common communication tools are generally mobile phones. Ten years ago, when mobile phones were not yet popular, I believ...
In our current life, people's common communication tools are generally mobile phones. Ten years ago, when mobile phones were not yet popular, I believe that each of us will remember in our memory that there will be a wired microphone in each of our homes as soon as possible, and there will be countless joys, sorrows and sorrows. All kinds of news formed an indispensable part of our life at that time. Although we are more accustomed to using mobile phones today, the use of telephones is still a lot. Today, let Xiaobian share with you some small knowledge about the specifications of the microphone cable.
First of all, we all know that the microphone cable is a long line connecting the speaker and the microphone. If there is a problem with the medium that transmits the sound, other devices will not work, and its importance can be imagined. Since telephone calls can be divided into long-distance calls and short-distance calls, microphone lines can also be divided into two types: balanced microphone lines and unbalanced microphone lines. Due to the specific material of the balanced microphone cable, the working voltage is extremely weak, so that the loss of the current signal generated by the sound from the microphone during the line transmission process is reduced, so the signal transmission distance can be made longer. The unbalanced type is suitable for short-distance calls, because it is a short-distance call. The current signals between the phones are very frequent. In order to avoid mutual interference between the two currents, shielding technology is adopted. The two signals are staggered from each other, so that the call can be carried out normally.
The following is an introduction to the specific specifications of several microphone cables.
First, copper wire winding, that is, winding multiple strands of thin copper wire inside the microphone wire, which is suitable for short-distance calls.
Second, winding a plurality of copper wires into a single wire around the microphone line, because there are several kinds of copper wires, the interference to the current signal is strengthened, and it is generally used for some large or special telephone communication equipment.
Third, the production of conductive materials. The microphone wire is fully covered by winding the easily and conductive material. Because of the conductivity of the material itself, this type of wire is buried in the ground.
Then let's talk a little about the daily maintenance method of the microphone cable. The damaged microphone cable is usually at the interface. Therefore, when using the microphone, try not to hold the microphone cable. If it goes on like this, it will cause the outer edge of the microphone cable to break. , wire breakage, etc. Or you can put a microphone cable protective cover on the interface of the microphone cable, which can also effectively protect the microphone cable from damage and prolong its life. This relatively requires each of us to develop good living habits.