How to replace and adjust the throttle cable on the lawn mower?


If the mower's engine idling speed is too high or runni […]

If the mower's engine idling speed is too high or running too fast, it may be a throttle problem. Before taking the lawn mower to the repair shop, please consider the following tips. Adjustment and replacement of throttle cable can be done at any technical level.
step 1
Use pliers to remove the cable box. The housing will rotate from the base and slide the cable down. Remove the cable from the throttle arm of the engine. Open the device and loosen the locking screw on the handle to unplug the cable.

Step 2
Route the cable through the housing. Locate the wire base on the back of the engine and pass the cable through the throttle base and throttle arm.

Step 3
Slide the cable into the housing and then into the handle unit to connect it to the throttle handle. Make sure the throttle is all the way down to ensure the cable is tight. Use pliers to tighten the cable and tighten the locking screw. Replace all housings.

Step 4
Test the tension by replacing the throttle. Start the lawn mower. If the lawnmower runs too high in the idle position, loosen the cable. Loosen (instead of remove) the locking screw, then pass a little cable through the slot, and then retighten the screw.