How to fix the boundary wire?


This tutorial will help you continue the operation if t […]

This tutorial will help you continue the operation if the boundary wire breaks
Different methods can be used to repair the boundary wire. It is recommended that you consider the following personal skills
and follow one of the two methods listed below.
Note: It is not recommended to simply use insulating tape to splice the boundary wire or use a screw junction box to connect.
The soil moisture will oxidize the wires, so a circuit break may occur after a while.
You may encounter two situations: the wire is cut or the wire is damaged. In the second case, you must cut and remove the
damaged parts.
Follow the steps below, and remember not to strip any wires that will be used.
1. Insert one end of the broken boundary wire into any hole of the connector
2. Use a small piece of new border wire and connect it to one of the two remaining holes on the connector
3. Use pliers to press the connector firmly
4. Use the second connector to insert the other end of the spare wire and the other end of the boundary wire. Press the
connector firmly with pliers.
5. Embed the boundary wire again and fix it to the ground with nails.
In addition, advanced users can tin the solder wire, pay attention to covering the solder wire with self-fusible tape, and
finally cover all items with insulating tape.