How to choose home decoration copper wire and hard wire?


 Copper wires and hard wires generally refer to home im […]

 Copper wires and hard wires generally refer to home improvement wires, so they are often worried when buying interior decoration, but everyone can rest assured that the quality of the cable has nothing to do with the hardness and softness, mainly the raw materials and production process of the product Process. Common copper wire has BVR model specifications. The electrical conductor is composed of many strands of thin copper copper core cable, which has good softness, so it is called copper wire and has 4 advantages. 1. The copper wire is relatively soft, it is very easy to thread the pipe, the maintenance is convenient, and the construction is faster. 2, the cross-sectional area of ??the copper wire is larger than that of the hard wire, and the conductivity is stronger, so it is more energy-saving. 

3. The copper wire is composed of many strands of thin copper cores, which has stronger heat dissipation and therefore more safety. 4. The copper wire has relatively high regulations on the purity of copper raw materials, and the fraud cost is likely to be high, so you can buy it with peace of mind.  BV hard wire Hard wire means that the model specification is BV, a single core single cable, because there is only one core cable, it will be more rigid. In general, it is fine to use hard wires for indoor decoration. If the quality of the cable is reliable and hard enough, the service life of the application can be very similar to that of the house; but be careful when buying, hard wires are very easy to be faked. Choose cables with CCC brand certification. Cable  Different types and specifications of BVR copper wire and BV hard wire have different processing techniques. Of course, the price is also different. The distance is more than doubled. This is also the reason why most home decoration choose hard wire.