How to align the boundary wire?


installation After the charging base is fixed, you can […]

After the charging base is fixed, you can lower the boundary wire.
Connect one end of the border wire to the charging station
Use a pair of scissors to strip the end of the wire
Then insert the stripped end into the red left fixture of the base, depending on the model
Guide the wire through the base,

Lay the border wire on the lawn
Set the distance wire to the edge using the provided gauge
If there are steps or gravel on the edge of the lawn, keep the replacement wire at 26cm
If there is no step, keep the wire and edge 10cm
If one side of the lawn borders the neighbor's lawn with an automatic lawnmower, and the inserted wire is 1m away from the
neighbor's wire, there may be interference.

Use nails to secure the wire to the ground
Place the nails about 80 cm from each other
Make sure the wires are always in close contact with the ground

closed loop
After completing the attachment of the cord around the lawn, you will return to the charging base.
Lead the guides in the base at both ends of the wire up to the clamp, depending on the model
Cut off excess wires and use scissors to strip off the ends
Insert the peeled end into the black right clip

Last step
Connect the charging station to an AC power outlet
If everything is normal, the LED will light green
If there is a problem with the circuit, such as a broken wire or the end of the wire is not clamped properly, the LED will turn