How does the production method affect wires and cables?


The large-length continuous stacking combined productio […]

The large-length continuous stacking combined production method has a global and controllable impact on the production of wires and cables, which involves and affects:
(1) Production process and equipment layout
Various equipment in the production workshop must be reasonably discharged according to the technological process required by the product, so that the semi-finished products in each stage can be circulated in sequence. The equipment configuration should consider the different production efficiency and balance the production capacity. Some equipment may have to be equipped with two or more units in order to balance the production capacity of the production line. Therefore, the reasonable combination of equipment and the layout of the production site must be balanced and comprehensively considered according to the product and production volume.
(2) Production organization management
Production organization and management must be scientific, reasonable, thorough, accurate, strict and meticulous. Operators must meticulously implement process requirements. Any problem in any link will affect the smoothness of the process and affect the quality and delivery of products. Especially for multi-core cables, if the length of a certain pair or basic unit is short, or there is a quality problem, the entire cable will be insufficient in length, resulting in scrap. Conversely, if the length of a certain unit is too long, it must be sawn off, causing waste.
(3) Quality management
The production method of continuous superposition and combination of large length will cause any problem in any link of the production process to occur instantaneously, which will affect the quality of the entire cable. The more quality defects occur in the inner layer, and the production is not stopped in time, the greater the loss will be. Because the production of wires and cables is different from assembled products, they can be disassembled, reassembled and replaced; quality problems in any part of the wire and cable or the process are almost irreparable and make up for this cable. The post-event treatment is very negative, either cutting short or downgrading, or scrapping the entire cable. It cannot be disassembled and reinstalled.
The quality management of wires and cables must run through the entire production process. The quality management inspection department shall conduct round-trip inspections of the entire production process, self-inspection of operators, and mutual inspections between upper and lower procedures. This is an important guarantee and means to ensure product quality and improve the economic benefits of the enterprise.