Classification of Lotus Audio Cable


Classification One divides into two lines That is, you […]

One divides into two lines
That is, you can use headphones and speakers at the same time. Without this cable, you can only use one of the headphones and speakers.
One is divided into three lines
Audio cable and video cable to connect DVD and TV. Some computers with multi-function terminals can also be used to connect to TV, or large speakers for household use. Quality is guaranteed, no scratches, and no rust. Features of the product: divide a 3.5 plug signal into Three-way RCA plug (lotus head), the product is soft and durable. (Note: There are 3 rings on the 3.5 head, assuming your original product is 2 rings. Nowadays, if you buy a 3 ring plug, some plugs may have no signal).
Fever shielded wire
The price of finished audio and video cables on the market is cheap, and each wire generally does not have a shielding layer. It is easy to be electromagnetic interference generated by other signals in long-distance transmission or professional occasions with many and complex electrical equipment. It is not suitable for use. Generally, it is used with a shielding layer. The cable, or the use of balanced transmission line (XLR head), home use has less interference, and the presence or absence of shielding layer has little effect. Cables with shielding layers are more expensive, and only people who are called enthusiasts love to use them, who are constantly pursuing perfect and interference-free audio and video effects.
A shielded wire generally has two cores in the middle, which are respectively wrapped by an insulating layer. The insulating layer may also be of different colors, which is convenient for distinguishing signals during welding. Either core can be used as a signal terminal or a ground terminal. For example, one core is welded to the signal terminal (the middle shaft end of the lotus head), and the other core is welded to the ground end (the outer metal of the lotus head, generally has a circle). Hole, easy to thread and fix, this is the signal loop). One end of the shielding layer cannot be welded, and the other end is also welded to the ground (the outer metal of the lotus head). This is called single-ended grounding. According to enthusiasts, electromagnetic interference can be shielded and introduced into the real ground. This kind of wire is generally marked with an arrow on the outside. The end of the arrow pointed to is the shielding layer welding ground terminal, which is generally connected to the display terminal and the power amplifier terminal, and the other end is the shielding layer floating terminal (cut off when DIY), which is connected to a DVD player or other audio source. . If it is connected to the front and rear stages of the power amplifier, follow the arrow to point to the rear stage to connect.
The audio signal transmission direction is: the output end of the audio and video machine, the input end of the line, the output end of the line, (the video input interface of the monitor or the TV) the front-end input of the power amplifier, the front-end output of the power amplifier, the rear-end input of the power amplifier Terminal, power amplifier output terminal, speaker cable input terminal, speaker cable output terminal, speaker input terminal (terminal). 3.5 or 2.5 plugs are wired according to this principle. Some shielded wires also use four or five layers of shielding, and their function remains to be verified.