What should I do if the wires and cables catch fire?


When the power wire and cable pass a certain load curre […]

When the power wire and cable pass a certain load current, they will definitely heat up. With the increase of the load current, the surface temperature of the cable will be higher. If it is not handled in time, the consequences can be imagined. So, how to prevent wire and cable from catching fire, and what measures should be taken? The following is the little knowledge that HaiyanYoli wire and cable editor introduces to you: There are the following points:
Safety measures against wire and cable fire:
  1. Ensure the quality of construction, especially the production quality of cable heads must strictly meet the requirements of the regulations;
  2. The cable trench should be kept dry to prevent the cable from being damp, causing the insulation to drop and cause a short circuit;
  3. When laying wires and cables, keep a sufficient distance from the heat pipes. The control cables are not less than 0.5 meters; the power cables are not less than 1 meter. The control cables and power cables should be slotted, layered and arranged separately, and cannot be placed overlapping each other. Jinhuanyu wire and cable reminder: For the parts that do not meet the requirements, the cables should be flame-retardant and heat-insulated;
  4. Strengthen cable operation monitoring to avoid cable overload operation.
  5. Conduct cable testing on schedule, and deal with it in time if it is found to be abnormal;
  6. Strengthen the regular verification and maintenance of the cable loop switch and protection to ensure its reliable action;
  7. Install the fire start emergency signal device to detect the fire in time to prevent the cable from catching fire;
  8. Take fire and flame retardant measures;
  9. Clean the dust accumulated on the cable regularly to prevent the burning of the accumulated dust from causing the cable to catch fire.
Wire and cable are indispensable materials in the construction process. Once the cable catches fire, it will cause serious fires and power outages. HaiyanYoli wire and cable reminder: When the cable burns, it will produce a lot of dense smoke and poisonous gas, which not only pollutes the environment, but also endangers human life . HaiyanYoli wire and cable editor recommends that you must use the above little knowledge when using wires and cables to avoid unnecessary accidents in life: the above is HaiyanYoli wire and cable editor to introduce the reasons for the heating of wires and cables and the measures to be taken. ,I hope to be helpful.
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