What are the wire connection methods and wiring specifications?


1. Crimping cap connection method This method is safer, […]

1. Crimping cap connection method
This method is safer, but it requires professional tools-crimping cap and crimping pliers. It is very simple. Just wind the wire on the crimping cap and tighten it with crimping pliers. Some friends here may ask: What size crimping cap is appropriate? This actually depends on the size and quantity of the crimped wire.
2. Fireproof tape isolation method
This method is mostly used in suspended ceilings or string lights. It is also not difficult to operate. Wrap the main line about 8 times with a secondary wire, and then wrap it with fireproof tape.
3. Spiral method
First twist the flexible wire into a single-strand wire, and then wind it around the single-strand hard wire, winding it around 7 to 8 times (depending on your own situation). Later, bend the single-strand hard wire backwards and compress it to prevent it from falling off. The spiral method is a relatively standardized method of wire joint processing. It is necessary to know that there should be no joints between the wires and tubes during decoration (there should also be in the wire box), so use this method to deal with the interface to ensure that the wires are not Fire, short circuit and other phenomena may occur.