What are the commonly used cable classifications?


Commonly used cable classification    1. Wire and bare […]

Commonly used cable classification
   1. Wire and bare inner conductor products
   refers to only conductors without insulating layers and other structures. Such as: copper, aluminum and various composite metal single wires; various structures of overhead transmission stranded wires, flexible wiring, shaped cable and wire and profiles, etc.
   2. Electromagnetic wire
   In the form of windings, cutting magnetic lines of force in a magnetic field induces current, or wires that generate magnetic fields with currents are called electromagnetic wires. Such as enameled wire, fiber wrapped wire, inorganic insulated wire and so on.
   Three, power cable
  The wire products used to transmit and distribute high-power electrical energy in the backbone of the power system are called power cables. Such as: plastic cables of various voltage levels, oil-impregnated paper cables and non-drip, etc.
   Four, communication cable
   A cable used to transmit audio and various telecommunication information above audio. Such as: local telephone cables, long-distance symmetrical communication cables, coaxial communication cables, telephone equipment cables and data cables, etc.