What are the causes of high-voltage cable failure?


1. The site conditions are relatively poor. The environ […]

1. The site conditions are relatively poor. The environment and process requirements for cables and connectors are very high when they are manufactured in the factory, and the temperature, humidity and dust on the construction site are not easy to control.
2. Failure to strictly follow the process construction or process regulations during installation without considering possible problems. The editor of Gu Jin Huanyu Wire and Cable knows that the DC withstand voltage test is used in the completion acceptance test to cause the formation of a back electric field in the joint and cause insulation damage.
3. Caused by improper sealing treatment. The intermediate joint must adopt a sealing structure with a metal copper shell and a PE or PVC insulating anticorrosive layer to ensure the tightness of the lead seal during on-site construction, which effectively ensures the sealing and waterproof performance of the joint.
4. In the process of cable construction, small slip marks will inevitably be left on the insulation surface. Semi-conductive particles and sand on the emery cloth may also be embedded in the insulation. In addition, due to the insulation being exposed to the air during the joint construction process, the insulation will also be inhaled Moisture, these all leave hidden dangers for long-term safe operation.
5. The cable material itself and the inevitable defects in the process of cable manufacturing, laying, terminal production, etc., are affected by electric heating, chemistry, environment and other factors in operation, and the insulation of the cable will experience varying degrees of aging, and this aging also It will cause cable failure.

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