What are the cable models? (1)


1. SYV: solid polyethylene insulated radio frequency co […]

1. SYV: solid polyethylene insulated radio frequency coaxial cable, coaxial cable, radio frequency signal transmission in wireless communication, broadcasting, monitoring system engineering and related electronic equipment (including comprehensive coaxial cable)
2. SYWV(Y): Physically foamed polyethylene insulated cable TV system cable, video (RF) coaxial cable (SYV, SYWV, SYFV) is suitable for closed-circuit monitoring and cable TV projects
SYWV (Y), SYKV cable TV, broadband network special cable structure: (coaxial cable) single oxygen-free round copper wire + physical foamed polyethylene (insulation) + (tin wire + aluminum) + polyvinyl chloride (polyethylene) )
3. Signal control cable (RVV sheathed wire, RVVP shielded wire) is suitable for building intercom, anti-theft alarm, fire protection, automatic meter reading and other projects
RVVP: Copper core PVC insulated shielded PVC sheathed flexible cable, voltage 250V/300V, 2-24 core
Purpose: instrument, meter, intercom, monitoring, control installation
4. RG: Physically foamed polyethylene insulated access network cable, used to transmit data and analog signals in the coaxial optical fiber hybrid network (HFC)
5. KVVP: PVC sheathed braided shielded cable, use: signal transmission, control, and measurement of electrical appliances, meters, and power distribution devices
6. RVV (227IEC52/53): PVC insulated flexible cable, use: household appliances, small electric tools, meters and power lighting
7. AVVR: PVC sheathed flexible cable for installation
8. SBVV: HYA data communication cable (indoor and outdoor) is used for the connection of telephone communication and radio equipment and the wiring of the junction box of the telephone wiring network
9. RV, RVP: PVC insulated cables