How to distinguish the quality of wires and cables?


1. Looking at the appearance, qualified cable and wire […]

1. Looking at the appearance, qualified cable and wire packaging is better, with a certificate of conformity, and the wire has printed company information, product information, product model, product specifications, 3C certification and other information.
2. Weighing, wire and cable as a special product, circulation must pass the 3C compulsory certification, if you buy, please buy the national standard wire, the length and weight of the national standard wire are regulated, the copper price is still relatively expensive and heavier, and criminals may Will use cheaper aerobic copper or alloy copper adulteration, weighing can easily distinguish the authenticity.
3. Looking at the toughness, most of the copper cores are made of oxygen-free copper cores. The cores have relatively high toughness and are not easy to break. Inferior copper is easier to break. Oxygen-free copper> aerobic copper> copper alloy.
4. Look at the color, the high-quality oxygen-free copper has bright color and soft color. The copper core yellow is reddish, indicating that the quality of the copper used is better, and the yellowish white is the reaction of low-quality copper. The copper core of the qualified copper core wire is purple-red, shiny and soft. Fake copper core wire The copper core is purple-black, yellowish or white, with a lot of impurities, poor mechanical strength, poor toughness, and it will break with a little force, and there are often broken wires in the wire.
5. Looking at the length, the national standard stipulates that the product should be a standard length, and the length error cannot exceed ±0.5%. We can judge it by measuring the length.
6. Anti-counterfeiting labels. Now most of the products manufactured by manufacturers have anti-counterfeiting labels. We can check the authenticity through mobile phone scanning, short line, and telephone.
7. Look at eccentricity, eccentricity refers to the ratio of the thickness of the insulating layer that causes the copper core to deviate from the center. For a good quality wire, the thickness of the insulating layer is uniform, the copper core is in the center, and the high voltage is not easy to penetrate the sheath to avoid exposure of the copper core . For bad wires, the thickness of the insulation layer is uneven, causing the copper core to deviate from the center seriously, so that the high voltage can easily penetrate the outer skin, and the copper wire is exposed, which can easily cause a short circuit and cause a fire, which is very dangerous.
8. Look at the price, the prices of small-sized wires and cables of major brands will not differ too much. If they differ too much, attention will be drawn. It makes sense to pay for what you pay for. You must not buy fakes for cheap It is a wise choice to shop around for fake and inferior products. Of course, the low price does not exclude businesses from doing promotional activities.
9. Look at the burning time. If it is a flame-retardant wire and cable, it is not easy to ignite, or it will quickly extinguish after being ignited. If it is a fake and inferior product, it will continue to burn.