How to choose wires in decoration?


The quality of home improvement wires is related to the […]

The quality of home improvement wires is related to the safety of electricity and is also part of the concealed project, so it should be paid attention to. According to the cross-sectional area (mm²), 1.5 square meters are used for general lighting lines, 2.5 square meters for electrical sockets, 4 square meters for air-conditioning water heaters, and 6 square meters for central air conditioners and instant water heaters. The entry line is based on the size of the house. Use more than 10 square.
Today, the editor of HaiyanYoli cable tells you the problem of choosing wires in decoration. What is square?
In addition, the commonly used wires for home improvement are divided into two types: BV and BVR (multi-strand flexible wire). BV is a copper wire, and BVR is a multi-strand copper wire. The former is hard and the latter is soft, and the latter is slightly more expensive. Basically, use more BV wires. If there are more elbows in the wire and tube, and it is difficult to thread hard wires, you can use BVR wires.
HaiyanYoli cable editor thinks that the copper wire may be heavy and the transportation cost is relatively high. Your city must also have a brand produced by a local wire factory. Of course, after the brand's popularity is established, there will definitely be counterfeit products. Please note the following points:
1 package
It is necessary to find out which brand is produced by which factory to prevent buying counterfeit goods. Look at the coiled wire packaging plate, whether there is "CCC" and production license number for China's national compulsory product certification; whether there is a quality system certification; whether the certificate is standardized; whether there is a factory name, site, and repair seal , Date of production; see if there are trademarks, specifications, voltages, etc. printed on the wires.
2 length and thickness
For a coil of wire 100m, the length error of the national standard shall not exceed 0.5%, that is, it shall not be less than 99.5m.
3 eccentricity
Cut a section of the insulating layer to see if its core is located in the middle of the insulating layer. What is not in the center is the eccentricity caused by the low craftsmanship. Once the power consumption is large, the thinner side is likely to be broken down by the current.
4 insulation layer
It is recommended to bend a wire head repeatedly by hand. Anything that is soft to the touch, relieves fatigue and has good strength, plastic or rubber has a large elastic touch, and has no cracks on the wire insulator is a premium product. The outer plastic skin of the wire should be shiny and dense, and there should be no open flame when ignited with a lighter.
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