How to choose the thickness, softness and hardness of the home improvement wire?


The home should be decorated, how to choose the wire? I […]

The home should be decorated, how to choose the wire? I often hear similar questions, and I have answered a lot of various purchase details. The editor of Haiyan Yoli consulted the masters, and there are only two issues to consider.
Household wires only need two specifications: 2.5 square copper wire and 4 square copper wire. Among them, 2.5 square copper wires are used in large quantities, and all electric lights and sockets are made of it. The amount of 4 square copper wire is slightly smaller, and it is generally used for the main circuit of the socket circuit and the independent socket circuit (high-power electrical circuit).
It is not necessary to use wires of more than 4 square meters (usually 6 square meters)-the entrance line is 6 square meters or 10 square meters, the meter will not exceed 60A, and the switch in the meter box will not exceed 63A.
This means that if you really need to use 6 square copper wires, your household wires, electric meters, and circuit breakers need to be replaced at the same time. If you don’t need a 6-square line, why do you spend more money to buy it?
Some friends say that my home does have a super high-power electrical appliance, which requires a 6-square-meter line. What should I do-bear with me, don’t use that electrical appliance. The national standard does not design such a large power for residential users, the university dormitory has electricity rationing, and the residential housing is the same.
Soft and hard
In the field of decoration, it is customary to say "soft wire" or "hard wire". In fact, this statement is very inaccurate. The so-called soft wire refers to the BVR wire (all multi-core wires); the hard wire refers to the single-core BV wire (there are multi-core BV wires, but residential decoration does not need to be used).
The purpose of these two wires has long been clearly defined: BV wire is used for decorative wiring; BVR wire is used for wiring in the cabinet.
The BV line is cheaper (because of the simple process) and is sufficient for ordinary residential decoration. BVR is characterized by good wiring, so it needs to be used in an environment with a lot of bends and a small space in the power distribution cabinet.
Regarding how to choose the softness and hardness of the wire is based on personal preference, there is no need to be complacent, and you can listen to the opinions of the electrician, so that it will cause unnecessary trouble in the future. Today Haiyan Yoli will bring you the above information. If you want to know more about wire and cable, please visit Haiyan Yoli Electronics Co., Ltd. website!